What is the plastic industry waste gas treatment technology
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Waste plastics need to go through the selection, crushing, washing, drying and other processes to recycle. And in this process will produce "three wastes", exhaust gas, waste water and waste residue. So in the beginning of production, to set up a sewage treatment system. Most of the waste gas produced by the plastic particle recycling machine is vocs waste gas and odorous gas. The waste gas contains toxic substances and has obvious odor. Different plastic products industry, according to the different processing technology and raw materials, the composition of waste gas are different. In addition to waste gas, some plastics processing process may be obvious particles, smoke. China has a clear emission regulations, we can use activated carbon for deodorization treatment.

The process waste of the recycled plastic granule machine is melted and plasticized by the extruder, the strip material is extruded, and the granulation treatment is carried out according to the required specifications. The main pollution of the equipment comes from the cleaning sewage of recycled plastic waste, as well as the waste gas pollution generated by the chemical processing process, and the treatment of solid waste after the waste water treatment. According to the exhaust gas emission, can choose RCO catalytic unit, low temperature plasma, UV photooxygen catalytic equipment, lampblack oil mist purifier, etc., in order to better deal with the exhaust gas can be set up in front of the pretreatment equipment.

Operating principle of ROC catalytic combustion device: under the action of catalyst, VOCs are decomposed into CO2 and H2O at a low temperature of 200 ~ 400℃. Regenerative catalytic combustion device, referred to as RCO, is an organic waste gas purification technology combining low temperature catalytic oxidation and regenerative technology.

Working principle of low-temperature plasma: it can efficiently deal with organic waste gas such as benzene, toluene, total hydrocarbon of non-methane, and also can efficiently deal with hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other odorous gases. It is widely used and the purification effect meets the requirements of environmental protection. As an experienced plasma gas treatment equipment manufacturer, our equipment has been successfully applied in many industries such as plastic, rubber, paint, food processing, etc.

Photooxygen catalysis working principle: special high energy and high ozone UV beam is used to illuminate the exhaust gas, crack the molecular chain structure of industrial exhaust gas, so that organic or inorganic polymer odor compounds molecular chain, under the irradiation of high energy ultraviolet beam, degradation into low molecular compounds CO2, H2O, etc.

Electrostatic smoke and oil mist purifier working principle: there are two kinds of high and low voltage electrostatic type, pure high voltage electrostatic type, suitable for all kinds of industrial production workshops produced lampblack, oil mist.
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