What are the waste gas treatment methods in the electronics industry
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While the electronic industry promotes the economic development, it also causes great pollution to the environment. The main pollutants are benzene series, ketones, lipids and other exhaust gases, most of which are organic exhaust gases. Untreated waste gas emissions will cause some harm to the air and human body, the main source of waste gas in the electronics factory is the surface coating of live electronic products and the organic solvents used in the cleaning process. There are incineration, adsorption, condensation, photocatalytic oxidation and so on.

1. For the treatment of organic waste gas with high concentration and small air volume, the combustion method can be used to treat organic waste gas.

2. Activated carbon adsorption method has good treatment effect, simple process and low cost, but other methods need to be combined to treat waste gas. Activated carbon is a very fine carbon particles, has a large internal surface area, has a strong adsorption capacity. After the gas and activated carbon contact, the pollutant is adsorbed, the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere.

3. The condensation method is combined with other waste gas treatment methods to condense and separate organic waste gas after adsorption and concentration, and recover valuable organic matter. This method is suitable for organic waste gas treatment with high concentration and small air volume. The disadvantages are high investment, energy consumption and operating costs.

4. Photocatalytic oxidation method: use ultraviolet light to crack the molecular chain of odorous substances, change the structure of substances, and decompose and oxidize the polymer pollutants into low-molecular harmless substances.

5. High temperature plasma method: after compression, high pressure cumulative discharge into a high temperature plasma. The reactor pressure increases and the gas volume expands rapidly. Under the dual action of high temperature and high electric potential, the organic exhaust gas becomes a high-temperature plasma in an instant (5 millionths of a second), in which the long molecular chain is split into elemental atoms, and the purification rate of organic matter is about 90%.
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