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Medical industry
Application areas:Medical industry

Client:Inner Mongolia Yangfan New Material Co., Ltd. Exhaust gas treatment project (listed company)

Exhaust gas Main components:acid gas, organic waste gas, CL-containing waste gas, dust, etc., specifically chlorobenzene, dimethyl sulfate, triethylamine, trichlene, benzaldehyde, toluene, benzene, methanol, ethanol, isobutyric acid, and thiophenol Fennel sulfide

Project features:The equipment operates under extremely cold conditions in winter (minus 40 ° C); the exhaust gas contains a certain amount of chlorine; RTO equipment is equipped with an organic waste liquid auxiliary incineration componen

Air volume:30000 Nm3/h

Technical processing:After the pretreatment, the exhaust gas from multiple workshops is sent to the main pipe, and the flammable gas detector and flame arrester are installed on the main road before entering the RTO. Then the induced exhaust fan is sent to the RTO device for oxidation treatment. The treated exhaust gas is then passed through the washing tower. Desulfurization and dechlorination treatment, and finally discharged through the chimney

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