RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
RTO regenerative thermal oxidizer is an energy-saving and environmental protection device for processing low-concentration volatile organic waste gas. Its principle is to oxidize organic waste gas to CO2 and H2O at high temperature and remove it. The device is characterized by the addition of a heat storage chamber heat exchange in the device. Due to its high thermal efficiency (greater than 96%), it has the effect of energy-saving oxidation.
Applicable industries petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, coating, printing and other industries
Working conditions Air volume: 1000 ~ 200000 Nm3 / h
Concentration: ≥500mg / Nm3

Technical principle  
● The organic waste gas is heated to above 850 ℃, VOCs are oxidized and decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, and the high-temperature gas generated by the oxidation flows through the ceramic heat storage body, which makes the ceramic body heat up and "storage"
● Through the switching of the valve, the two beds alternately perform "heat storage" and "heat release";

● During RTO operation, when the exhaust gas concentration is low, the heat is replenished through the burner on the oxidation chamber. 

Technical Features
● Low requirements on working conditions, which can treat almost all organic compounds;
● High purification efficiency, the purification rate of two-bed RTO is above 96%, and the heat recovery efficiency is ≈96%;
● Low operating cost. When the concentration of VOCs reaches 1500mg / m3, no additional fuel consumption is needed. For example, if the concentration of VOCs is higher, secondary waste heat can be recycled.
● RTO design controls 3T, temperature, residence time and turbulence coefficient.
Engineering case diagram
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