RTO dedicated detection and control online monitoring system
   Mugo (Shanghai) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. developed the RTO dedicated detection and control online monitoring system, which specifically designed a dual-channel GC-FID online chromatograph. The inlet and outlet sample gas of the RTO equipment can be entered into one chromatograph for simultaneous detection. Two channels of sample gas are independently sampled and analyzed without interference with each other. At the same time, the test data is output to meet the environmental protection data transmission rate requirements. Integrate with the control system of the RTO equipment to direct transfer the detected data of gas sampling point of the pipeline and the inlet and outlet of the RTO equipment to the control system of the RTO device, the principle is as follows:

   The above technological breakthroughs have enhanced the following advantages of the entire system of RTO equipment:

● Security
   The monitoring data of the online monitoring system is directly interlocked with the control system of the RTO equipment, and the response time is short.
● Real-time and convenience
   Real-time monitoring of the efficiency of the exhaust gas treatment of the RTO equipment, the condition of the exhaust gas generated by the workshop, and calibrate the accuracy of the remote detection point through the control system of the RTO equipment
● Economical and forward-looking
   Based on the principle that if the customer and the local environmental protection requirements have access to the environmental protection platform in the later stage, the standardized module functions are designed and developed. The early stage customers select functions according to their needs. Later stage customers can add modules such as temperature and flow to meet more of their own and environmental protection requirements.

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