Concentrated zeolite runner + RTO

Introduction Adsorption concentration is a new generation of VOCs processing equipment. It is a method that organically combines the adsorption concentration unit and the thermal oxidation unit. It mainly targets high-volume and low-concentration organic waste gas. High-concentration organic waste gas is thermally oxidized, and the heat released by the combustion of organic materials is effectively used.
The main products of adsorption concentration: molecular sieve adsorption concentration and activated carbon adsorption concentration.
Applicable industries: petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, coating, printing and other industries
Working conditions Air volume: 50000 ~ 200000 Nm3 / h
Concentration: <500mg / Nm3
Technical principle
● The system consists of a zeolite runner, a gas-to-gas heat exchanger and a regenerative thermal oxidizer;
● High-volume, low-concentration exhaust gas passes through the zeolite runner, the VOCs components are adsorbed by the adsorbent material, and the exhaust gas is discharged to the standard. At the same time, the desorption hot air is passed through the adsorption saturation area, and the adsorbed VOCs are desorbed and passed to the RTO device. The desorbed portion is cooled and re-adsorbed. The whole process is circulated through the rotation of the wheel.
● For conditions where the exhaust gas contains a zeolite runner that is difficult to handle the adsorption components, activated carbon can also be used to achieve exhaust gas concentration. Two or more activated carbon adsorption devices are set up to partially adsorb and desorb to achieve uninterrupted continuous operation. 

● After the exhaust gas is concentrated, the RTO operation efficiency is improved and the energy consumption is reduced;
● By adjusting the rotating speed of the runner, the concentration multiple can be adjusted 5 ~ 20 times;
● Adsorption efficiency of runner is 90 ~ 95%;
● The zeolite concentrating runner device has high safety. The zeolite runner consists of inorganic oxides and is non-combustible.
● Continuous and automatic operation, simple operation.
● The system adopts PLC automatic combustion control, with high degree of automation, stable operation, high safety and reliability.

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