RTO + waste heat recovery
RTO + waste heat recovery
When the concentration of VOCs in the exhaust gas is high, excess heat will be generated after the exhaust gas is oxidized. High-temperature flue gas at 850 ° C to 1000 ° C will be extracted from the thermal oxidation chamber, and introduced into the waste heat boiler, gas-gas heat exchanger, heat transfer oil heat exchanger, Waste heat devices such as water heat exchangers, which perform waste heat recovery and produce steam, hot water, hot air, and hot oil.
Applicable industries petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, coating, printing and other industries
Working conditions Air volume: 1000 ~ 200000 Nm3 / h
Concentration: ≥1500mg / Nm3
Technical principle
● The system consists of RTO and waste heat system;
● The RTO oxidation chamber leads out part of the high-temperature flue gas above 850 ℃. After the waste heat system, the heat is recovered, and the low-temperature gas is discharged into the chimney;

● The “storage”, “exothermic” and “purge” cycles of the thermal storage chamber operate normally and are not affected.

Technical Features
● High efficiency of waste heat recovery, by-products can produce higher economic benefits;
● Automatically adjust the amount of high-temperature bypass gas through the valve according to the amount of residual heat;
● The system adopts PLC automatic combustion control, with high degree of automation, stable operation, high safety and reliability.

Engineering case diagram
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